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Dad Pens Song About Daughters Wish For Sibling. What Happens Next is Amazing!

Chris Sanders is a New Zealand based singer songwriter and now Author.  Several years ago his daughter Emmie was begging to have a new brother or sister.  So one night she decided to go outside a pick a star in the sky, a star that she wanted to be her sibling. 

Chris was so moved by the story that he decided to write a song about it, and in the space of about 1 hour he crafted a beautiful song that he called Angel Star. 

The song turned the true life event into a story full of adventure, fantasy and emotion with the girl helping to protect the star on its adventurous journey, down mountains, through valleys, over roads and finally to her home and part of her loving family.

Chris was about to start recording an album and so the decision was made to make Angel Star the first song to be recorded.  As the song developed it soon became apparent that it was going to be something special.  So putting his thinking hat on Chris came up with the idea that Angel Star should become a Children's picture book with music.  He called illustrator Kat Merewether, an Award winner at the NZ Book Awards for her own series of books called 'Kuwi the Kiwi'.  She immediately said "YES, lets turn Angel Star in to a book".  

Over 6 months both the Angel Star book and song took shape and eventually launch day arrived, October 20, 2016.  The launch took part at Browns Bay Primary School and 700 Children sang Angel Star with Chris at assembly - an incredible sight and sound.  The song (which is included as a CD in book) was also released as a digital download that day in to the NZ music charts and achieved a #1 Children's Chart ranking on iTunes as well as #8 in the Pop Charts, an incredible and rare feat for a Children's song! 

Further, an animated video was released and has had tens of thousands of views! 

Bringing a new life in to the world is a big decision to make for any parent. And it can be especially tough on other children in the family who may feel like another child will result in them receiving less attention or even being less loved by their parents.

It’s important to make your children understand all the positive benefits of becoming a sibling and you can start that by including them in the decision to bring another child to the family.

Angel Star is a story that puts your older child in the decision process of choosing a new baby to add to the family. It makes them an integral part of the story, the one who picks, beckons and delivers the new baby to your family. A big and exciting responsibility!



Chris jokes that he may have set the bar a bit high for other parents and doesn't expect every mum or dad to write a song or publish a Children's book to help introduce a new family member, instead they can use Angel Star to help them!

Oh and in case you are wondering, Emmie got a little Sister! 

Chris signs every book sold online and is happy to sign it to the person it is being gifted too.  

Chris also donated proceeds from every book sold to Children's Charity 'Child Matters', a charity that helps to educate people to identify and prevent child abuse. $1 from every online sale, $0.50c from digital downloads and $0.20 from books sold in book stores.  

The book is available online at Shopify - Click here to BUY NOW!


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