Chris Sanders NEW BOOK & SONG 'The Lonely Book' is Available to Order TODAY!

Don't Judge A Book by its Cover - 'The Lonely Book' is Out Now!

If only everyone was like YOU and took time to look beneath the surface to discover the treasure’s inside!

Chris Sanders new book and song ‘The Lonely Book’ is a light hearted children’s picture book with a very important moral... DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! You never know what treasures may be hiding inside.

Illustrated by Natalie Conaty (of Weta Workshop), The Lonely Book sits in the children’s section of a bustling bookshop, but is never picked, always being overlooked for the more attractive looking books with sparkly covers and gold stickers.

The ‘more popular’ books in the shop do what they can to be picked ahead of The Lonely Book. From a Tiger spilling its tea on the front cover to being nibbled on by a hungry caterpillar. That poor Lonely Book gets more drab, worn out and bedraggled as the story progresses.

FINALLY one day a little lad finds The Lonely Book on the shelf and upon opening it discovers it contains details of hidden treasure maps with fortunes yet unfound.

The Lonely Book and song will make the reader or listener chuckle, but author Chris Sanders believes that it will open up a conversation around a more serious topic, bullying.

“I vividly remember being bullied at Junior school in Liverpool where I grew up. I was pinned up against a fence most days and punched.  I was the sporty kid that won lots of trophy’s for my school, I had so much to offer as a person, but the bullies didn’t care to find out – I used to fear going to school.”

Chris Sanders, who is one of New Zealand’s top selling self-published children’s authors-songwriters with titles such as Call For the Ambulance written for St John NZ and Angel Star says he developed the idea for The Lonely Book character after visiting book stores and noticing his own books would be hidden somewhere, either behind lots of other titles or turned upside down and put back in some random place where no-one could find them.

The Lonely Book has been illustrated by Chris’ cousin Natalie Conaty, former costume stylist of the wax figures at Madame Tussauds and now at Weta Workshop in Wellington.

“As kids growing up Chris and I were like two peas in a pod,” says Natalie. “Then Chris moved to New Zealand and we didn’t see each other for 25 years! Then I had the opportunity to move to New Zealand and we instantly reconnected and started combining our creative talents that we had developed independently. Illustrating children’s books for Chris as well as working at Weta Workshop is like a dream come true for me!”

The Lonely Book and song launch on September 28th 2019 and Chris and Natalie have one request, “If you go into a book shop and find ‘The Lonely Book’ make sure you pick it up and give it a big hug and then take it home where it can get the love it deserves!”

Every month Angel Star Publishing House will be giving away a copy of the book to someone who takes a photo of themself hugging the book and posting to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TheLonelyBook