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The Lonely Book - Picture Book & Song

The Lonely Book - Picture Book & Song

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The Lonely book sits in the children’s section of a bustling bookshop, always being overlooked by the kids for the more attractive looking books with sparkly covers and gold stickers.

The other ‘more famous’ books in the shop are quite cheeky and get up to all sorts of mischief to make sure they are picked ahead of ‘The Lonely Book’, from James throwing his giant peach and it splattering down the front cover or being nibbled on by a hungry caterpillar.

That poor book looks more drab and worn out as the story progresses. If only that book had a voice of it’s own it could tell everyone what’s inside. Then one day a little lad discovers The Lonely Book and upon opening it, finds the treasures that lay inside!

The story and song delivers a very important moral – don’t judge a book by its cover.

The song is very fun and catchy and you will find all the kids trying to learn every single word.

~Written and sung by Chris Sanders

~Illustrated by Natalie Conaty



Age Group:    Aged 4 – 10

Format:           Picture Book with CD

Size:                240mm x 240mm

Extent:             32 pages

ISBN:               978-0-473-47438-6